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In light of COVID-19 and how that’s impacting small business, Frogspark has launched Don8mini in a plea to help small, independent businesses - even in a small way. Whilst the business community navigates through this current COVID-19 pandemic - it’s still important we look after who we can.

The idea is to provide a simple way to donate the equivalent of a small, everyday item to a local or independent business that would ordinarily get that revenue. For example, if you would ordinarily, without thinking spend £2.00 a few times per week on a Latte - would it be so much of a strain to donate that to a business in need right now?

For the time being, Frogspark will be handing funds raised directly over to these businesses whilst staying in constant communication with them.

Please also be aware, we are subject to a 1.4% + 20p transaction fee per donation (again, something we are trying to deal with) so the total handed to you will have that deducted.